Can I choose a longer subscription frequency?

Can I choose a longer subscription frequency?

Yes. Our standard frequency is 4 weeks; however, we offer an 8-week or 12-week frequency option for our wellness products only. This must be requested through Beyond Support by emailing All subscriptions that have an 8 or 12-week frequency, must contact Beyond Support for all subscription changes. If modified online, it will confirm a 4-week frequency moving forward. 

For those subscribed to a Membership Tier, we offer a monthly or annual options only.

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    • What happens if I cancel my membership subscription?

      If you choose to stop your membership subscription of Infinite, Rise or Momentum, you will lose all benefits associated with the pack including eligibility for the Rewards Plan if applicable.
    • Is a subscription required to remain active in the Infinity Line?

      A membership subscription (Infinite, Rise or Momentum monthly or annual) is required to maintain an active status in the Infinity Incentive Program. If you choose to stop your subscription, you will forfeit any bonuses/qualifications associated with ...
    • When does the subscription run?

      Subscriptions run monthly from the 1st through the 25th. To view your subscription run date, please login to your Back Office to view your subscription details.
    • Can I view my Member Subscription online?

      Yes. Please login to your Beyond Back Office and select "My Subscription".
    • How do I change my subscription date?

      Login to your Beyond Back Office and select “My Subscription”. You will have the opportunity to view and edit your active subscription.  If you wish to edit your membership subscription, please connect with Beyond Support by sending an email ...