How do I cancel my Beyond account?

How do I cancel my Beyond account?

A written request must be submitted by the account holder prior to the annual renewal date by emailing The request must come from the email address associated with the Beyond account. Upon receipt, your business membership will be suspended.
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    • How do I cancel an order?

      To submit your cancellation request for a recent transaction, please email from the email address associated with your membership. To avoid a delay, please include your name, username and the order number in reference for ...
    • If my subscription declines, will the order automatically cancel?

      No. Your order will continue to re-attempt payment until the order is processed or cancelled. Please contact if you wish to cancel a pending subscription order.
    • How do I link (map) my CoinZoom account to my Beyond account?

      Below are instructions to link your CoinZoom to your Beyond Account: To update an existing CoinZoom account: Login to your Beyond back office and follow the instructions on the pop-up. Click ‘Copy’ in the pop-up to copy the code that you will input ...
    • How do I cancel my Well Beyond subscription?

      Please contact Beyond Support at at least 7 days prior to the upcoming run date for processing.
    • What is Beyond Me?

      Well Beyond’s mission is to create transformational experiences for people to live happy, healthy and fun lives. The transformational experiences we create aren’t limited to our products, events, or community. Our BeyondMe culture is driven to serve ...