How many Membership Tiers are there?

How many Membership Tiers are there?

We have three membership levels that are offered in two versions based on your preference. 

$99 Infinite - Monthly Membership ($60 after initial purchase)
$149 Rise - 
Monthly Membership
$249 Momentum - Monthly Membership

$720 Infinite - Annual Membership
$1,499 Rise - 
Annual Membership
$2,499 Momentum - Annual Membership

These include Beyond Bucks, Wanderlust and other offerings based on the system. Beyond Bucks may be used to redeem wellness and digital products. 

$99 Infinite Digital Eaconomy - Monthly Membership 
$149 Rise Digital Eaconomy - Monthly Membership 
$249 Momentum Digital Eaconomy  - Monthly Membership (coming soon)

$999 Infinite Digital Eaconomy - Annual Membership 
$1,499 Rise Digital Eaconomy Annual Membership 
$2,499 Momentum Digital Eaconomy  Annual Membership (coming soon)

These packs are designed for FX Trading including Wanderlust Travel (coming soon).

    1. All versions of Infinite, Rise and Momentum may be purchased on an annual or monthly basis.
    2. All versions qualify you for the Beyond Rewards Plan and Infinity Incentives 2x2. 3x3, 4x4, etc. 
    3. All versions of Rise and Momentum include discounts on wellness products based on availability in your market.
      1. Rise: 10% discount on additional purchases.
      2. Momentum: 25% discount on additional purchases. Discount excludes metal card upgrades. 

    VIP Momentum Digital Eaconomy
    VIP Eaconomy Access Bundle

    These VIP packs are limited-time offerings that are available during the VIP By Invitation Only Launch between March 15, 2021 through April 14, 2021

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        If you choose to stop your membership subscription of Infinite, Rise or Momentum, you will lose all benefits associated with the pack including eligibility for the Rewards Plan if applicable.
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      • Is there a grace period to process my Membership Subscription?

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