I have more than one Activation Code and Pin. Why can't I activate my other cards?

I have more than one Activation Code and Pin. Why can't I activate my other cards?

If you have multiple Travel Gift Codes you wish to activate, please contact info@well-beyond.com prior to activation. Your email can only be used once on the travel site, so we will need to enable your email for multiple Gift Cards. 
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    • Can I redeem more than one Travel Gift Card?

      Yes. If you subscribed to a qualifying annual Infinite, Rise or Momentum Pack that includes Beyond Travel Gift Cards, you will be assigned more than one activation code. To activate multiple codes, please email info@well-beyond.com to get started.
    • I lost my activation code. How can I find the information?

      Your activation code and pin are found in your Back Office under "Beyond Travel."  Stolen and/or lost codes will not be replaced or re-issued. 
    • Travel Gift Card Rules

      Your Travel Gift Card can be redeemed at http://beyond.travelsavingsgift.com for services provided by Travertex Inc. Your Travel Gift Card is a virtual card that includes a unique activation code and pin that is linked to your Beyond Membership. ...
    • Can I share my Travel Gift Card with a friend?

      Your Travel Gift Card may only be activated one time. If you choose to share your activation code, you will no longer have access to the savings associated with your Travel Gift Card. 
    • Do I receive a new Travel Gift Card with my monthly subscription?

      No, Travel Gift Cards are not available in monthly recurring subscriptions for existing members. The maximum Travel Gift Card is one per Beyond Account unless you purchase an annual Infinite - qualified pack. Travel Gift Cards are awarded to new ...