Is a subscription required to remain active in the Infinity Line?

Is a subscription required to remain active in the Infinity Line?

A membership subscription (Infinite, Rise or Momentum monthly or annual) is required to maintain an active status in the Infinity Incentive Program. If you choose to stop your subscription, you will forfeit any bonuses/qualifications associated with the Infinity Incentive Program.
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    • Has the Infinity Line compression changed?

      Yes, it used to be a forced compression that was permanent and very inflexible. It was an all or nothing status that required you to stay active or lose your position in the Infinity Line forever. This was originally created as a single straight-line ...
    • What subscription offerings qualify me for the Infinity Line and Beyond Rewards Program?

      Subscribe to Momentum or Rise. Both Experience Packs are available as a monthly or annual subscription.
    • What are the Membership Subscription Tiers?

      We offer three Membership Subscription systems: Infinite, Rise and Momentum. These are available on a monthly or annual basis to remain rewards qualified (active status). Kick Start 10 Day Sample Pack and Beyond Wealth Elevate were replaced by our ...
    • How do I change my subscription date?

      Login to your Beyond Back Office and select “My Subscription”. You will have the opportunity to view and edit your active subscription.  If you wish to edit your membership subscription, please connect with Beyond Support by sending an email to ...
    • Why does my status say “inactive” in my Back Office?

      To remain rewards qualified, please subscribe to a Membership Tier (Infinite, Rise or Momentum). These systems are available on an annual or monthly basis. Infinite = Infinity Line qualified Rise/Momentum = Infinity Line and Beyond Rewards qualified ...