Summer TLC Program

Summer TLC Program

2021 Summer TLC Program: April 19, 2021 through October 11, 2021 (US ONLY)

During the warmer seasons, we take extra precaution to ensure you receive your Beyond Healthy Chocolate® in pristine condition. Our TLC Summer packaging includes a customized insulated container that is safely wrapped and specially engineered to protect your heat sensitive, antioxidant-rich chocolate during its journey from Beyond to your doorstep. 

The Summer TLC (Tender Loving Care) Program is $9.99 per healthy chocolate invoice (shipping within the US) during the designated dates outlined by Beyond. To safeguard the integrity of our Beyond Healthy Chocolate® products while in transit, we innovated these timely and protective packaging protocols. 

Our Beyond Energy, Shakes, Nutritionals and Skincare products do not require any additional Summer TLC. In the event you wish to avoid the summer packaging charge, we welcome you to update your Subscribe and Save to any of our non-heat susceptible products by logging into your Back Office at 

The Summer TLC Program is only added to healthy chocolate orders shipping within the US.

*Summer TLC Program applies to all Beyond Healthy Chocolate® orders shipping within the US.  Targeted dates depend upon seasonal temperatures and are determined by Beyond. All products that are heat-susceptible will be charged a $9.99 summer packaging fee per invoice. This includes the 30 count, 60 count and 120 count options in addition to all Experience Pack purchases that include Beyond Healthy Chocolate®. This program only covers the extra care for packaging and materials required and does not include the transportation method. All orders are processed within 1-7 business days (in house processing time) prior to ground transportation. Expedited shipping is not included. All orders are subject to standard shipping rates. All Beyond Healthy Chocolate® orders will include this surcharge as a flat rate during the dates determined by Beyond regardless of the packaging material required for that state/destination. No exceptions. Rules are subject to change at Beyond's discretion.