What bonus types are offered in the Infinity Line?

What bonus types are offered in the Infinity Line?

The Infinite Incentive Plan has the following types of Incentives:

        Bonus 1 (2x2)

Bonus 2 (3x3)

Bonus 3 (4x4)

Bonus 4 (6x4)

Bonus 5 (6x4x4)

        Infinite Pool 1 (40k)

Infinite Pool 2 (80k)

Infinite Pool 3 (150k)

        Infinite Pool Matching

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    • What keeps me active in the Infinity Line?

      A membership subscription (Infinite, Rise or Momentum) will maintain your active status to remain rewards qualified. 
    • How do you become “Active” in the Infinity Line?

      A member is considered active for a commission period if they purchased a qualifying system within a calendar month or purchased an annual qualifying product, which keeps them active for one year. 
    • How do I qualify to earn rewards from the Infinity Line Incentive Plan?

      Each member must maintain an active status monthly to remain rewards qualified by subscribing to an available system. We offer three different systems: Infinite, Rise and Momentum, which are available on a monthly or annual basis. 
    • What are the commission periods for the Infinity Incentive Plan?

      The Infinity Incentive Plan is based on weekly, monthly, and quarterly commission periods, depending on the Incentive Type. The commission week is defined as Friday at 12am MT through Thursday at 11:59pm MT. The commission month is any given calendar ...
    • Simplified Infinite Structure

      We've made it easier for you to transform the way you build your business. You can earn up to four different Infinity Structure Bonuses through the power of duplication! Simply go 2 x 2 or 4 x 4! This incentive is calculated based on three factors: ...