What does “stacking” mean?

What does “stacking” mean?

Stacking is the unauthorized manipulation of the Beyond compensation system and/or the marketing to trigger commissions or cause a promotion off a downline member in an unearned manner. 

To help ensure fairness and a level playing field for all Members, any attempt to manipulate the rewards plan is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate corrective action, up to and including termination. Beyond’s definition of manipulation includes but is not limited to the following: fictitious enrollments, including enrollments using false or incomplete contact information or information that cannot be verified using reasonable efforts. Gratuitous enrollments, including widespread enrollments of individuals who have little or no interest in Beyond, other than enrolling as a favor to a friend or family member or in exchange for some other benefit, such as free products or some other form of compensation. Uninformed enrollments, including enrollments of individuals who were not aware of their enrollment or who claim to be involved with Beyond, but who’s business is being managed by someone else. 

Perfect stacking of enrollments, indicating a coordinated effort where one person or a small group of people strategically place enrollments in a way that benefits a few at the expense of everyone else. 

Volume Stacking, by manipulation of a personal order in which the volume is placed in a lower Business forcing the Commission volume (CV) to flow through each Member above. Therefore, the volume is counted as Commission volume (CV) instead of Personal Volume (PV). 

Multiple Members or Customers using the same method of payment, the same shipping address, the same email address, the same phone number, or other indicators that Beyond may consider from time to time.