What happens if I cancel my membership subscription?

What happens if I cancel my membership subscription?

If you choose to stop your membership subscription of Infinite, Rise or Momentum, you will lose all benefits associated with the pack including eligibility for the Rewards Plan if applicable.

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    • If my subscription declines, will the order automatically cancel?

      No. Your order will continue to re-attempt payment until the order is processed or cancelled. Please contact info@well-beyond.com if you wish to cancel a pending subscription order.
    • How do I cancel an order?

      To submit your cancellation request for a recent transaction, please email info@well-beyond.com from the email address associated with your membership. To avoid a delay, please include your name, username and the order number in reference for ...
    • Is there a grace period to process my Membership Subscription?

      All membership subscriptions (Infinite, Rise and Momentum) must be processed on or before the 25th of each month to remain rewards qualified. All subscriptions are scheduled to automatically run on the same day of each month. If your payment ...
    • I forgot to change my subscription and it ran today. Can I still make changes?

      All subscription changes must be completed prior to each scheduled run date. Changes are not permitted once a confirmation number is provided. If the order is "pending", we can attempt to cancel the order only. For all order cancellation requests, ...
    • How do I change my subscription date?

      Login to your Beyond Back Office and select “My Subscription”. You will have the opportunity to view and edit your active subscription.  If you wish to edit your membership subscription, please connect with Beyond Support by sending an email ...