Will you attempt all cards on file if my Well Beyond subscription declines?

Will you attempt all cards on file if my Well Beyond subscription declines?

Yes. If your order initially declines payment, the system will check for other active payments on your account to ensure your order is processed.

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    • If my subscription declines, will the order automatically cancel?

      No. Your order will continue to re-attempt payment until the order is processed or cancelled. Please contact info@well-beyond.com if you wish to cancel a pending subscription order.
    • How do I cancel my Well Beyond subscription?

      Please contact Beyond Support at info@well-beyond.com at least 7 days prior to the upcoming run date for processing.
    • How do I change my subscription date?

      Login to your Beyond Back Office and select “My Subscription”. You will have the opportunity to view and edit your active subscription.  If you wish to edit your membership subscription, please connect with Beyond Support by sending an email ...
    • What is Beyond’s renewal policy?

      All Member accounts are subject  to an annual business renewal fee, which is automatically processed on the anniversary date of your original enrollment as a Beyond Member. The renewal is $39 and is non-refundable. The renewal fee will automatically ...
    • Can I choose a longer subscription frequency?

      Yes. Our standard frequency is 4 weeks; however, we offer an 8-week or 12-week frequency option for our wellness products only. This must be requested through Beyond Support by emailing info@well-beyond.com. All subscriptions that have an 8 or ...